GRAZIA razkriva: Izbrani parfumi zvezdnic – Emma Stone

Torek je GRAZIA posvetila igralki Emmi Stone, ki se navdušuje nad esencami parfuma Chanel, Gardenia.

Parfum Gardenia, ki je bil predstavljen leta 2016, omamlja s cvetličnim vonjem, ki povezuje veselje in optimizem. Mnoge navdušene uporabnice, med katerimi je tudi Emma, so mnenja, da je Gardenia Disneyjeva princesa v parfumski obliki. Sveže note ponazarjajo mladost, nežnost, a hkrati igrivost. Esence dotičnega parfuma boste občudovale tiste ženske, ki prisegate na lahkotne sadne vonje, a še zmeraj intenzivne, da prikličete duh pomladi v vsakem mesecu.


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My Gardenias happened to be in full bloom right as my new bottle of Chanel Gardénia arrived. I needed a break from all the price increase madness, so I figured this was an opportune time to photograph some portraits of two of favorites together. The gardenia has been my favorite flower ever since I can remember. The warm vanilla like fragrance is intoxicating, and the fact that they are so hard to grow and keep alive makes them all the more desired. Trust me, I have killed my fair share over the years. Chanel’s Gardénia fragrance has gone through quite the evolution since it was first released in 1925 and composed by legendary perfumer Ernest Beaux. It is said to have been built on a fashion premise: The deco motifs of the 1920s exalted the arrangement of flower petals, resulting in designs which were transported into impressive jewelry. Gardénia was not conceived as, nor was it meant to be, an exact gardenia recreation, although the heavy-smelling blossom was picked thanks to its optical resemblance to Mademoiselle Chanel's favorite flower: the camellia, which doesn't hold a scent. The original version circulated well into the 50’s and somewhat disappeared with other Chanel scents gaining more popularity. One of the most loved of all the Chanel Gardénia scents, was the limited edition Eau de Toilette, which has long been discontinued and is incredibly hard to find. I have seen some smaller bottles being sold on the pre-loved market in original sealed packaging going for over $400. The modern version we have today is a more upscale line, reworked by Jacques Polge, conforms to the latest regulations and the changing tastes of our time. It is widely believed to be comparatively thinner, based on a standard white floral chord with fresh & green jasmine/hedione, "clean" orange blossom cologne-ish notes and tuberose. While, it’s a stretch from the original, as an avid Gardenia lover I am still loyal to this scent. It allows me to enjoy to my favorite flower, even when they are no longer in bloom. Special thank you to my dear friend @gquant72 for introducing me to the sweetest SAs @thebaglover_cindyatsaks who was able to locate one of the last bottles for me!

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